The website (FeedFocal), and all associated sub-domains, are owned by Sarka Insights Ltd. The parent company for FeedFocal is Sarka Insights Ltd.

Sarka Insights Ltd is the data controller for all data that FeedFocal interacts this. Whether this be data we collect directly on or data collected from applications where our tracking code is added.

We hold ourselves to a high standard in ensuring the that all data we store is done in accordance with all legal requirements. Furthermore we take steps beyond that simply required from legal obligations and have set out below some of the key actions we take to protect the data we hold, particularly in respect of data for our users.

With this in mind, we commit that we will never sell our users data to 3rd parties.

ICO Member

We are registered member of the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) adhere to all data protection guidance issued by the ICO. The ICO requires all registered members to renew their license annually to ensure ongoing adherence with the ICO guidelines.

Data Encryption

Sensitive data is encrypted when stored on our servers, with all user passwords being hashed with salts. The use of hashed passwords, combined with salting, ensures high levels of security. We never log or store unhashed user passwords anywhere.

We provide end to end security and transmit all data requested over an SSL connection, adhering to the latest security standards. Data is logged and retrieved via guarded endpoints which verify access before granting permission.

Data Storage

We store data on secure servers located in the UK. The data centers are SOC Type II, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS certified. We use leading cloud service providers to deliver the latest in secure and reliable data center infrastructures.

Data Acccess

Our users are able to access data collected through installation of our tracking code, from within the account area. This data is accessed via API calls through secure endpoints over an SSL connection.

We will fulfil any data and information requests presented inline with our Privacy Policy and will provide data in the same format as which it is stored in our data center.