Collect User Feedback At Every Step!

Collect. Analyse. Improve!

Make data driven
decisions with feedback!

FeedFocal helps you collect and analyse feedback data so you can improve your users experience without the guesswork.

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    Automatic Collection

    Create a survey in seconds, share it. We'll take care of everything else for you.

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    Quick Analysis

    See your data in stunning visuals, to easily understand your feedback results.

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    Actionable Insights

    Get valuable feedback direct from your users to improve user experience.

Micro surveys

Focused surveys that get results

Our micro surveys take seconds to complete, unlike other lengthy surveys that take minutes. So your users can answer, even in a hurry.

Team support

Invite team members and clients

Share and collaborate by inviting team members or clients, and even choose to limit team member access to specific projects.

No More Lengthy Complicated Surveys

Fast & Targeted Feedback

Create surveys in seconds, that take seconds to complete. Our micro surveys take users 10 seconds to answer!

Choose from a range of surveys

Create feedback focused surveys from NPS®, eNPS, CSAT & CES.

Deploy across multiple channels

Get feedback anywhere, on-site, emails or anywhere else with shareable links.

View results in real-time

Get immediate access to feedback results from within your dashboard.

Get feedback
across your business

Track feedback from users at key touchpoints along the customer journey so you can create amazing experiences to maximise conversions.

Advanced targeting filters
Run multiple surveys at once
Create follow up surveys
Monitor ongoing performance

FeedFocal Simplifies The Whole Process

Feedback focused

Create a digital experience worth remembering

FeedFocal helps you engage directly with your users and get valuable feedback data so you can create amazing user experiences.

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